Emilia Kardzhilova, Executive Director

Emilia Kardzhilova received her undergraduate degree and her Master’s Degree in Psychology from Sofia University. Prior to that Emilia graduated from Library College in Sofia. She earned a second Master Degree in Human Resource Management from New Bulgarian University and Open University. Before joining Children’s Society Foundation Bulgaria, Emilia was employed by the Open Society Institute, United Nations Population Fund, and Worldwide Orphans Foundation. Emilia specialized in Paris Cultural Studies with scholarship provided by the French Government. She worked as a scientific editor of the Larousse edition of the Dictionary of Psychology in Bulgarian language. Emilia is member of Bulgarian Psychological Society (BPS) and Bulgarian Project Management Association (BPMA). She is currently pursuing doctoral work on the relationship between the psychoanalytic approach and early child development.

Contact with Children’s Society Foundation Bulgaria:

phone: +359 888255260
Emilia Kardzhilova, Executive Director

Postal address:
1202 Sofia
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