Children’s Society Foundation is conducting the initiative “Every child has the right to education and development”

With a small gesture of kindness you can donate to a better future for many children.

Children’s Society Foundation enables more children in Bulgaria to have access to knowledge and develop their potential. Education is the fundamental basis which allows children to develop their potential to enhance their success in life and to build active citizenship and an economically strong society.

The campaign “Give knowledge to develop the children of Bulgaria” aims to raise funds to support the programs of the Children’s Society Foundation-Bulgaria to address the reasons for dropping out and non-enrollment of Bulgarian children in school. The programs include various components such as main focus in advocacy through work in the field of early childhood development, working with parents, working with the most vulnerable communities. The programs are aimed at developing early learning, inclusion of children in pre-school preparation and education, building a relationship with parents and positive parenting, support for retention in school for boys and girls.

Children’s Society Foundation – Bulgaria is publishing new book “Europe on the Internet”.

After the accession of Bulgaria to the European Union (EU) on January 1, 2007, significantly increased the need for information on European integration processes. Its provision and facilitation of access strongly influences the participation of Bulgarian citizens in European initiatives.

The main purpose of the Internet guide “Europe on the Internet” for the period 2014-2020 is to provide easily accessible information to citizens about many and varied activities of the European institutions, bodies and agencies, European programs and legislation. “Europe as the Internet” has reference and does not claim scientific contributions or uniqueness. The edition includes links leading to web portals related to European legislation, education and policies. All citizens can find answers to their questions on the official sites of the EU.

The publication is divided into eight main sections. The first section includes Internet sites of all institutions and bodies of the EU, including financial, advisory and interinstitutional. The second part is dedicated to EU policies on regional development, security, law and education.

The third section provides links to all active EU programs and investment funds for the period 2014-2020. The following two sections are based on general information related to the different requirements and obligations on the Member States and candidate countries for membership.

The last three sections of the directory include links to international bodies of the European Union – governmental and non-governmental organizations in Bulgaria and abroad, as well as additional sources of information – documents, data and analysis related to the EU.

We believe that “Europe on the Internet” will be useful for all citizens interested in European institutions and integration processes.